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Jingle on the Mind...

Join us this Christmas in our Jingle on the Mind... competition and help support better mental health

This Christmas, Mode for… is supporting better mental health in our brass band movement with the announcement of its Jingle on the Mind Christmas Music Video Showcase.


As an organisation dedicated to supporting positive mental health, particularly in brass bands, this year, even in the wake of global pandemic, we have decided to create some Christmas fun for those of you stuck inside and missing your band or just missing playing in general.


This showcase is different to other online competitions we've seen in 2020.  How? Well, this is purely about the enjoyment we experience when we play music and how it supports our wellbeing and mental health and at the same time we can support the work of organisations supporting better mental health.


Our priority is not the production value of entries, so you don’t need any fancy tech, but it’s about the enjoyment and creativity that we find when we perform music. It’s about having fun and doing what makes us feel good and that’s what we will be looking for. You having fun, playing music, boosting those happy hormones and celebrating a little of the festive season.


By donating £10 you will get access to a vault of six Christmas pieces to enjoy this season which are a mix of solos, quartet, quintet and beginner brass quartets, including: Jingle Bells, Troika, Joy to the World and Away in a Manger. But hey! If you want to go freestyle on the music choice though, feel free! Pick any Christmassy tune you love.


The money from your donation will be split two ways. Firstly, a donation to the charity Mind - for better mental health - and towards subsidised Mental Health First Aid England Mental Health Awareness Training so we can boost and sustain positive mental health in brass bands and give people subsidised awareness training in 2021. (other equivalent training will be offered to non-English residents).


Jingle on the Mind is open to players of all ages and abilities and we look forward to seeing your entries. Whether you’re a soloist or a remotely performing group of friends.


A few little Christmas guidelines:


•Please enjoy yourself, and only do this for fun. No stress allowed!


•Social Distancing Rules for in-person performances MUST apply. Please adhere to ALL Governmental and social distancing rules of the country you reside in.


•Entries may be from solo players multi-tracking or larger, remotely recorded ensembles of up to ten players.


•If you are under 18-years-old please get written permission to take part from a consenting adult before entering that you can email to us. We want to make sure everyone stays safe online.


•Your £10 donation gives you access to music you can choose from or, feel free to go freestyle!


What we are looking for


* The performance needs to show the performers have enjoyed the process. This is a competition focusing on wellbeing Mental Health.

* It is not entirely about the quality of playing or video editing abilities. We want entries from people of all levels and backgrounds. Just keep it fun and safe.

* Be Creative - feel free to do something different with the arrangements. Use different instruments - maybe not even any brass instruments but you may go for bottle or saucepans! whatever feels fun and will bring joy to yourself and others!


*Optional* - Include a brief introduction about how playing has supported your mental health and what have you enjoyed most about creating this entry. This can be either a 30 second to one-minute video introduction or could be 100 words provided alongside the video.


Video entries will be showcased on our Facebook Page and other social media platforms in the lead up to Christmas.




Whilst the purpose of the Jingle on the Mind Showcase is to support better mental health, the Mode for… team will be making the following awards:


* Overall Best Entertainment - £100 worth of free music from the Mode for…Publishing catalogue, a free MHFA England Mental Health First Aid training place worth £300pp and a surprise Christmas gift (equivalent mental health training will be offered for non-English residents)


* Most Creative Performance - £40 worth of free music from the Mode for…Publishing catalogue and a surprise Christmas gift


* 11 years and under - £40 worth of free music from the Mode for…Publishing catalogue and a surprise Christmas gift


Important Dates


* Closing date for entries 16th December

* Winners announced 21st December


Good luck and Enjoy!


***Once you have signed-up you will receive an email with further instructions***

sign-up here for £10 and help support better mental health jingle on the mind
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