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Mode for... Publishing is the creative home of the Kerwin name, featuring music composed and arranged by Simon Kerwin and books written by Tabby Kerwin.


Browse, enjoy and share. You will find something for everyone here!

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Buy the sheet music for the new Euphonium solo 'Cavaliere dell'Euphino' by Simon Kerwin as featured on the CD 'Lago' by clicking the 'Add to Cart' button below.

Priced at £20 for full band.

To purchase and stream the digital album and individual tracks from our new CD 'Lago - The Music of Simon Kerwin' visit our new AUDIO page HERE.

Click here to access the Vault of free brass ensemble music to keep you busy during COVID-19 lockdown & join our Challenge Click to access our brass teaching method Mode for...Brass! and backing tracks for FREE to keep students inspired during COVID-19 Click to access the vault of around 100 solo pieces for all sections of the brass band during COVID-19 BUY NOW