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"Enjoy the sounds of our music. Click the link, pay and stream the following tracks from the latest album 'Lago - The Music of Simon Kerwin' performed by the Rothwell Temperance Band under the musical direction of David Roberts and recorded by KMJ Recordings."

Tabby Kerwin




£10 - 'Lago'- The Music of Simon Kerwin' Complete Album



£0.99 - Under the Double Eagle - Josef Wagner arr. Simon Kerwin



£0.99 - Canto del Lago - Simon Kerwin



£0.99 - Ave Maria - Tolga Kashi arr. Simon Kerwin

Soprano Cornet soloist: Phillip Tait


£0.99 - All Things Bright & Beautiful - arr. Simon Kerwin



£0.99 - Galdhøpiggen - Simon Kerwin



£0.99 - Vive Le Trombone - Simon Kerwin

Trombone Soloist: Joe Heartfield


£0.99 - Grace - Traditional arr. Simon Kerwin

Quartet: James McCabe (Bb Cornet), Catherine Roberts (Tenor Horn),

Hannah Platt (Baritone), Joe Heartfield (Trombone)


£0.99 - Soave sia il Vento - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart arr. Simon Kerwin

Trio: James McCabe (Bb Cornet), Claire Westacott (Flugel Horn), Daniel Morgan (Euphonium)


£0.99 - Cavaliere dell’Euphino - Simon Kerwin

Euphonium Soloist: Matt Spriggs


£0.99 - Entry of the Boyards - Johan Halvorsen arr. Simon Kerwin


£0.99 - Double Trumpet Concerto - Antonio Lucio Vivaldi arr. Simon Kerwin



£0.99 - Just The Way You Look Tonight - Jerome Kern arr. Simon Kerwin

Bb Cornet & Flugel soloist: James McCabe


£0.99 - Tea for Tubas - Vincent Youmans arr. Simon Kerwin

Eb Tubas: Simon Moffat & Andy Goldfinch


£0.99 - Angels - Traditional arr. Simon Kerwin


£0.99 - Auld Lang Syne - Traditional arr. Simon Kerwin

Quartet: Keir Luc (Bb Cornet), Claire Westacott (Flugel Horn), Catherine Roberts (Tenor Horn), Daniel Morgan (Euphonium)


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